Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 01 April 2020

  • Can I get help writing my content or script?

    Yes. However as scriptwriting takes time and is chargeable we may ask you to make a non refundable deposit which will come off your final invoice, so technically no extra fee as long as you go ahead with the order.

  • What kind of studio equipment is used?

    Short answer..Only the best. We run a full Broadcast standard voice recording studio. However…Your recording will be processed to telephone audio standards meaning it will sound optimum on a phoneline bandwidth.

  • What type of accents do the voiceovers have?

    All our voiceovers have neutral southern Irish accents. the type you hear on radio and TV commercials. However if needed a regional accent or special accent can be ordered. For Northern Ireland we can supply British or Northern Irish voices.

  • What about Pick-ups and Corrections?

    Any mistakes on our part are corrected free of charge. Changes to a script made by you after recording, sign-off and delivery will attract a re-record fee. Voice recording uses valuable studio time and external chargeable resources like voice overs so you will understand when we ask you to check all your content before sign off as mistakes can be costly.

  • How is my data protection and privacy treated?

    This is taken very seriously. All the details of your project and your relationship with us will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

  • How fast is Turnaround?

    It really depends on the project size and length. Most on hold messages are turned around within one working day. Larger projects with many prompts may take longer.

  • How do I know what it will sound like?

    Your recording will sound similar to the voice demo you listened to on the website except with your content and instructions as per style speed etc. and of course your music track. You may listen to an online copy of your recording before payment.

  • How much will I be charged?

    Fees depend on the size or category of your on hold audio order There is a basic admin fee for the order and then voiceover and recording fees If you have a budget feel free to ask and we will happily offer a quote to work around it. You will always receive a full official quote and order before any recording commences.

  • How is Payment made?

    Payment can be by Electronic bank transfer, Credit or Debit Card, Paypal or even the old fashioned way a cheque in the post. You will be required to pay in full before receiving your final audio file. However, you can listen to a watermark copy online to check all is as ordered before paying. Please note though this is not a draft or an option to make changes. Changes after recording and sign off will naturally attract a re-record fee as a new recording session has to be arranged and often voiceovers re-booked.